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19 kids semi adults (but kids at heart) breaking the stereotype of ex-hcjc students.

Ade(line)/ Arif/ Charchar (charlene)/ Fifi (fidelia)/ Geri(geraldine)/ Jeanie/ Pork G (jiehan)/ Jiejie (ying)/ Quek (jingfeng)/ Jonjon (jonlin)/ Kylie (kah yee)/ Mag(dalene)/ Siew(ying)/ Rui(shan)/ Bryant(qingyao) / (wei)Yanz/ Phang (xiaofeng)/ Yukayu/ Zes(amine)

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Thursday, July 31, 2003

haha yup :) had lotsa fun today :) not to mention laughter -grinz-

more! more! :D

char mag n jon must join us the next time!! :)

screamed -fi- @ 7/31/2003 07:19:00 PM

class outing was a success yay!
so far i think the most successful one cuz of the attendence and everything...we should do this more often :)

screamed arif @ 7/31/2003 06:45:00 PM

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

FOOD is yummy :)

anw pple take care k! we're all falling sick one by one! sheesh domino theory's taking effect haha.

screamed -fi- @ 7/29/2003 11:55:00 PM

Heylos. My god. stupid blogger changed the layout for this again. ugh. i prefer the 2nd one. this is so icky poo. ANyHowS, i haven't said anything here for a long time but i check it out almost every other day ks! :) its getting pretty dead and inactive eh? :)
sigh. we should have a count down to promos counter on our blog... i wanna take photos of everyone! class photo tt kinda thing but knowing our attendance... it's pretty hard eh? :T *sigH* wells...
*skips ard* i got FOOD for Block tests! :P Happy and Sad lah. but well. funky grade isn't it? *grin*
*hugglepoo to everyone* i need desperately to start on Sally's globalisation essay but i know not how!

screamed Anonymous @ 7/29/2003 08:25:00 PM

Sunday, July 27, 2003

hey yo everyonezz~ suddenly remember the class blog.. d=X a bit the mean. hahz. at the bottom of my memories and stuff. doing sally's essay. feel damned bad. she like pleading with us to hand in. d=\ tsk. hmm.. dunno? btw.. new design not bad~ d=) well.. about all i have to say lah. till next time then~

screamed siewx @ 7/27/2003 10:58:00 PM

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

i hate writing essays.
hate it hate it hate hate hate hate hate hate it!!!


screamed -fi- @ 7/22/2003 11:11:00 PM

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

heyoz peeps...wow..it's been some time since i last blogged...hmmz...anywayz..the time now is like 2.27am in the morning and i can't sleep...considering that later i have 400 and 4x100 STRAIGHT after that...i'm going to be so dead..sighz...nway...hmmz...realise that i wun be seeing you peeps for slightly longer than a week....hmmz..hope everything wun be too out of touch when i'm back on next tuesday....sighz....

oh ADE! the new template is so..hmmz..funkified and retro! hmmz..but maybe techno wun be happy....maybe only larz....kz..not funny(as usual larz hor).....hmmz...suddenly feel like typing a really long entry now....kz..so pls bear with my crapping kz..?

hmmz...we'll be getting back our results this week right? sighz...u noe..i seriously dun mind if they just throw my papers into the incinerators and dun return to me at all u noe...oh well....hmmz...i have a feeling i'll be ur junior next year...hehz....who wants to be my angel/mortal next year?

anywayz...arif!! congrats on getting into the semis!! everybody must clap for our dear welfare rep!! hehz..not bad arz arif...hmmz...let's work harder see each other in the finals kz? hehz quite exciting lehz...imagine out of 8 lanes 37.5% (3/8) of it is filled up by hwa chong ppl....fwah....hmmz....think only hc has the greatest chance of doing that so far..dunnoe lehz...hahahz...oh oh....weiyanz, zesamine did well today for 800m too! heyz heyz if u peeps see weiyan in sch tomolo or something help me pat her back and say "good job" kz! she ran well despite her injuries and which crippled her for so long such that she couldn't train....hehz...good fight weiyan...especially the last 100..could tell from ur running form that ur legs were aching and body posture that u;ve fought hard! dun treat it as something bad kz? the reason why i'm mentioning ur race without fearing that it might trigger ur sad feelings is coz it's actually not something bad...ur fighting spirit and sportsmanship is indeed admirable!!! ") ok friend? hmmz..this means that she'll recieve like 18 pats on the back? maybe she'll become a hunchback like me after that? fwah...quite cool lehz....anywayz...as for zesamine..aiyah..no comments (hehz)....just kidding....i told you wat i have to after ur run already larz....but then again...all the best for ur finals on the final day yar zes? oh oh! qing yao qualified for the finals too! hmmz...it's his first year in javelin and from someone who dunnoe how to throw a javelin when he first step into and join the track team (*ahem* hehz) he trained hard and now can represent hwa chong which is reputed for her events in the fields!! fwah..congrats manz bryant! hmmz....heyz peeps charlene is still down with a bad flu....get well soon yarz tu di? change a doctor if u have to....")....ur health is wat that matters most..dun kill urself pushing for the school...there's always next year kz..? hehz..just try ur best larz....ur event is tomolo right? the class will be praying for you!

hehz..yupz..just a little update on how track is doing....

hehz...our appealing class is helping the school scoring points lehz! not bad arz....hmmz...actually..come to think of it...with all the points put together....including ade from basketball...yuka from softball (somemore all the important important positions like kong qiu hou wei and pitcher one) the ying sisters and kah yee from table tennis....and rui from choir (which help hc clinch gold, must be ur ruidiant smile *grinz*) and mag, fi which helped made huang cheng a great success and so much so much more ! still got jon lin, jiehan, quek, jeanie and so much more which contributed in one way or another....03a12 did contributed a great deal to the school already!! hmmz...we aren't as bad as how the teacher sees us....hehz...

pu tou ji, ya ta ji, yo ji yo ji pua buay si.... ") (hmmz...someone might want to explain to ade, weiyan, charlene, jon lin, siewying what this is? hehz)

well...anywayz....throughout this week when u'll be getting back ur results it's like everybody will be quite stressed..but dun be sad! there's always the promos!! remember...just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming...hehz...

oh oh! the class journal is with me...do u peeps want it? i can like drop by sch or something to pass to you! hmmz..drop me a msg or something if u want it kz?

arif> oh the bbq i can cater the food to be bbq...not that ex too....hehz..that's one major thing solved.

yupz..ok peeps...till then...take care..dun forget to smilez...it's close to 315 le...better go sleep now..sighz...*keeps fingers crossed*..goodnight friends...sleep tight...


you made it...have you forgotten that it's a great achievement..? the medal which has been evading from you since ur injuries clung on to you is finally now back with you...u have no idea how glad i am..do u?
u always deny everything that is good to you...

screamed fengz @ 7/09/2003 03:20:00 AM

and ade! what's with the 'waddled'?!? haha we don't all walk like ducks do we!!

screamed -fi- @ 7/09/2003 12:47:00 AM

yeah jia you all of you!! :)

screamed -fi- @ 7/09/2003 12:44:00 AM

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

today is the first day of nats so i just want to wish all those taknig part all the best!
hope u'll run/ throw well and achive ur PBs(personal bests)!! yupyup..all the best

screamed *geri @ 7/08/2003 08:54:00 AM

Sunday, July 06, 2003

dear class its your fantastic marvelous welfare rep speaking....
so...............i've requests for a CLASS CHALET AT THE END OF THE YEAR...yarh push all the dirty work to me huh...hahaz newaez so wad i wanna noe first is...anyone have any plans to go overseas..during then? or any other reason for u to dua us..fly our kite..fly our aeroplane..pang seh us...anything just tell me first k..
and the most popular location seems to be paris ris tt place there..so yarh any other suggestions?..and wanna invite teachers?...only some k not all.....u guys noe wad i mean...and seniors..i think just invite for the bbq which would b like...the main event and yes...3 days 2 nights ok?
the faster we decide..the faster we can organise this then the faster we can......no we still have to shit through promos..yarhh
and can i implore (right use of word anotz?) dear tresurer to work hand in hand! with the welfare rep...money makes the class chalet go round yay..

screamed arif @ 7/06/2003 04:55:00 PM

finally block tests are over!! so happie!!!
haha..oh yeah...the other day ade was saying tt we shld book a chalet at the end of the yr!
but in order to do so... the treasurer will have to start collecting CLASS FUND!
so u pple better get ready ur money k??!!!

screamed *geri @ 7/06/2003 11:23:00 AM

Friday, July 04, 2003

Yay. Stupid block tests are over. We don't need to know the results do we? NO WE DONT! AHAHAHAHA :) YAY! Class outing Arif? :P

screamed Anonymous @ 7/04/2003 05:47:00 PM

Thursday, July 03, 2003

hey dearest classmates!:)
just revamped our blog! any comments? ermm..dont exactly know what to put on the right..so those maybe just temporary..if u do have anything to add..feel free to tell me or u can just go edit it urself k?:) anyway..lets press on for the coming blocktests..its almost the end of it already..lets not give up! k....yeppz. Take care..And may God be you all always! cheerios~ always,ade*

screamed 03a12 @ 7/03/2003 09:02:00 AM