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Sunday, November 30, 2003

let's have a class christmas party!!! :D
haha.. on like.. say the 23rd of dec? since on the 24th and 25th we'll all probably be busy going to church or spending time with our families :)
yes no yes?
think it'll be lotsa fun!! like.. a nice happy way to round up the year before we embark on j2. [yuuux.] haha :)
then we could bring a present under $8[?] each and have an exchange of gifts at the end or smthg? ah i love christmas!! haha :D
food wise.. hmm potluck? each bring a dish lah.. then we'll have variety and the host wouldn't hafta splurge. heh. ahhh just think of the turkey and ham and log cake and other yummy christmas candies! hahaha :P anyone kind enough to offer your house? geri? heh.. we've imposed on rui's family too many times already lah.. ok maybe this wouldn't even work out. hahaha.. what do you all say? :)

screamed -fi- @ 11/30/2003 09:13:00 PM

Thursday, November 27, 2003

hey classmates...the WANDErFuL ade speaks now..haha...erm, yeaa u guys have mentioned everything abt the chalet le..so well shall leave tt part out..mmm yeaa enjoy the hols while it last k?..haha the yr gonna end soon..real soon..b4 we even know,a brand new yr awaits...haha so fasttttt we are gonna be seniors soon...with jUNIors..haha wonder whether they gonna be another mad bunch of ppl like us??? can u imagine another arif???? or qingyao??? gosh!! hahahaha so yeaa...im looking forward to spending another exciting yr with u guys! heh sigh though its gonna be a mugger yr with the prelims n BIG FAT As(not to mention the many many cts..argh) to go thru..hope we will survive it together ya? :) oh yeaa wonder how our prom night will be like! haha !so ya..for now..i just wish tt 2004 will be yet another fruitful yr for everyone of us..for 03a12..:)
tk care!

screamed 03a12 @ 11/27/2003 10:09:00 PM

hahaha :) agree with rui :D i think i kinda stoned my whole tuesday away.. apart from the bbq. heh. really thankful we had good weather [despite the little drizzle] and a good fire! :) at least our food got cooked :) and quite yummily too heh.

i've many words of thanks to give out too..

thanks to all who turned up :) you all added much fun and joy :)

thanks to jie.. woah you rock. i'm so grossed out by merely looking at the disgusting squid.. you actually peeled and washed them so patiently. whoohoo :) and for the lovely sandwiches you brought all the way down for us, thankew :) and... i'm not a tai tai.. yet! i'm a tai tai wannabe. hahahaha :P kidding lah :P

thanks to siew, rui and ade! you pple sure helped in preparing for the bbq :P must have been tedious chopping the garlic and washing the bloody chickens. yux. :S

oh yes thanks ah ma jia, for making this possible in the first place by booking the chalet and coordinating everyone's arrival and stuff :) and i know you'll bring this up if i dun so yeah, thanks for opening the bottle of marinade. [though it was with jie's help] hahahah :P but er.. no thanks for the you-know-what that kept us all awake on monday night. ahahaha :P

thankew xiao feng, shu hua and quek, for lugging bbq stuff down for us.. be it utensils and crockery or food and drinks :)
thankew all who were tending to the fire so cautiously and attentively :) our stomachs wouldn't have been filled if not for you all :D

yup.. i had my share of fun.. hope you all did too :) haha pork i think i'll remember forever your classic look of triumph when you brought out the ace of hearts when we were playing bridge on mon... you nearly killed me.. hahaha.. wanted to throttle your neck :P hahaha.. :D ooh thanks to those of you who taught me how to play mahjong too! haha.. though i daren't say i quite know how to play it yet :P thanks for being so patient with me yah.. heh. at least i didn't go 'dong nan xi bei... pong!' hahaha :P oh and qing yao, your 'chinese new year song' alarm really amused me too.. ahaha :P it just about woke up everyone except for you. -grinz-

alright.. really enjoyed myself :) yeah we rock :) heh. take care all of you! enjoy the hols while they last :)

screamed -fi- @ 11/27/2003 08:33:00 PM

hello da jia! :) yay the chalet was fun fun tho as ade had put it, we din do much. -scratch head- who was it who said that it's not the things we're doing but the company? :) i truly agree.

anw much thanks to mr atmadja for booking the chalet and no thanks to him for forgetting that ade and i helped with the chicken! we chopped the garlic and helped to thaw the chicken and rip them apart from each other k!!!! grrr! n pork too! for keeping the time! :) of course the stars were fifi and jiejie for soaking keeping the chicken company with their hands for goodness knows how long.... and also jiejie for her wunnerful sandwiches (*drools* i feel like eating one now!!!!)

tho i dunno if she'll read this, thanks to shuhua for coming and helping us with the bbq, bringing and making so much yummy food like the salmon the prawns, corn... :D we're realllie lucky to have such a great senior :D yays!

and also erm.....thanks who everyone else who played mahjong and bridge with me, and all my unfortunate partners in bridge who had to lose coz of me :P

yay!!!!! yep. i really had a great time! thank you a12!!!!! we rock! -big hugglepoo!-

screamed Anonymous @ 11/27/2003 04:39:00 PM

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

hEy class! the chalet was a great success ain't it? ;) though some of us couldn't make it on these days.. thanks to those who help organised it! Arif of course for booking the chalet for us.. thanks a great bunch~ We'll have another one next year after Als ok? A12 4eva!

screamed -*vivZ*- @ 11/26/2003 11:02:00 PM

Saturday, November 22, 2003

hrm, how about this, we'll all go on the first day.. leave the stuff in the chalet den go to the faculty outing at east coast.. after all that bbq, head back to chalet for a night's rest or more fun.. second day den we decide whether to stay after our class bbq or what..

screamed -*vivZ*- @ 11/22/2003 09:31:00 PM

pple.. who's actually 1. going and 2. staying for our chalet?

screamed -fi- @ 11/22/2003 07:03:00 PM

Sunday, November 16, 2003

hi frens....
i'm here.....to settle some v pressing issues here......
chalet reminder.....!!!! :)
24 to 26 november
25 dollars.....18for the room......7 for the bbq and whatnots
pasir ris downtown east
go...or dun go...oso must pay.......cuz..i've said it before....and before...and much more than before.....so yea....just a little administration here
u noe urself who pay anot huh.........so im like....expecting lotsa cash coming to me on those few days la....sorry la if i sound naggy or business-y...money issues la k pls understand...
betta thank your wonderful welfare rep for this huh!

screamed arif @ 11/16/2003 10:47:00 PM

Friday, November 14, 2003

everybody let's celebrate!!!
hahahah that yucky yucky yucky thing by the name of PW is finally over and done with!

lalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D :D :D

no more stupid stupid stupid evaluations and tabulations and presentations to do. oh boy. simply delightful :D

screamed -fi- @ 11/14/2003 04:43:00 PM

Thursday, November 13, 2003

did i ever mention how much i hate pw.

i'm so glad it's all gonna be over tml

all the best pple.

screamed -fi- @ 11/13/2003 10:40:00 PM

Sunday, November 09, 2003

hey jie :)
no problem :) we don't hold it against you lah.. wasn't your fault that she couldn't be contacted. no need to apologise yah :)

screamed -fi- @ 11/09/2003 10:01:00 PM

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Sorry class regarding the cip thingy.. i've called twice and left two voice message to the person-in-charge regarding the event she told me about.. and i've been waiting the whole day for her reply and she has not call back yet.. irritating.. i even called the bird park and ask where she was.. "she's somewhere around the bird park.." -_-||| really sorry to these people, geri, bryan, fi, quek and rui.. i'll continue to wait and see if she'll call back tonight..

thousand of apologies..

screamed -*vivZ*- @ 11/08/2003 07:26:00 PM

Friday, November 07, 2003

haha ok thanks :) cya on sun then :)

screamed -fi- @ 11/07/2003 11:51:00 PM

sure fi, i've to confirm with the person again regarding this sunday
she's always away from her desk! the attire's casual wear.. comfortable clothes cos it might be hot in the afternoon and hopefully not too hip such that the old people cannot take it..
most prob meet at 8.30am at interchange.. reach bird park at nine

screamed -*vivZ*- @ 11/07/2003 08:51:00 PM

Thursday, November 06, 2003

hey jie.. count rui n i in for it k?
thankews :)
what's the attire?
so we're meeting at the interchange at 9 or what?

screamed -fi- @ 11/06/2003 06:46:00 PM

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

To those that need CIP hours..

hey people, i need like 20 volunteers to help out at bird park's senior citizen day on the 9th of november which is this sunday from nine to three.. all we need to do is to serve the elderlys and help them move around.. if possible i will try to talk to sherry to get the travel time included as well because it's quite out of the way. People who's interested, from A12 or not can contact me at 97464776, jieying. Thanks! People please help me ask too.. =)

*We will first meet at boon lay interchange before heading for the bird park.

hope to hear news from you guys soon!

screamed -*vivZ*- @ 11/05/2003 10:29:00 PM

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

hey class, here's the history questions for holidays.. have fun.. hah..

End of Year 2003 History Homework for Paper 3 International History
Answer one question on the end of the Cold War:

1 To what extent do you agree that the Cold War ended only because President Reagan proposed in 1983 the development of the Strategic Defence Initiative Programme?
2 When did the Cold War really end: 1987; 1989; or 1991?
3 “Internal developments within the Soviet Union, however, can tell only part of the story”. Comment on this statement, with regards to the decline and eventual implosion of the Soviet Union.

Answer one question on nuclear weapons:

1 “Only with the end of the Cold War could “true” nuclear arms limitations come about.” Comment
2 Did the end of the Cold War cause the end of the nuclear arms race or vice versa?
3 How far do you agree that there was a serious risk of nuclear war between the superpowers during the Cold War era?

Pass up the essays on the first week of January 2004.
Remember to cite your bibliography.
Madam Tay

screamed -*vivZ*- @ 11/04/2003 09:04:00 AM