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Sunday, June 27, 2004


block tests begin tml. gross.

all the best pple! :)

screamed -fi- @ 6/27/2004 03:17:00 PM

Sunday, June 13, 2004

As always, our class blog ends up dead after a while. ANYHOO, guess all of you guys are in the midst of preparation for Blocks (hopefully)... here's a little thing i read from the 04 s 6 2 's class blog. it's pretty hilarious... protagonist of the following is non other than our ex-GP/ Lit-Narayan teacher. i'd love to say more, but being a public blog this is, i'm liable for any evil thing i say. teachers and even the evil sch bureaucracy are evil snoops nowadays. there's no such thing as freedom of speech darlings. >_< Right. 'nuff of my crap.
Here goes:

Teacheriologist in action!!!


Oh well, pardon this nosey inquisitve little rat for not reporting on time and having to delay your special weekly column one week late! You must understand that this sleazy teacheriologist is an avid Harry Potty fan and loves to jive to the musical jingles of the haunting melody.

Today, we have a very special person to be featured in the column. She is considered the school belle [one of the prettiest in school] and is very much a pretty person both inside and outside of her skin. In-depth beauty you may claim, but her rich and thoughts-evoking [heehee] personality has sparked a frenzy in the students population, particularly, sex-deprived J2s who are hot at her heels along the corridors almost all the time.

Ms D C has a fair complexion and nice bouncy hair which seems to dance on her pretty little head. The hair strands had a little curl in them and seem to dance to the mischievious wind playing and tugging at her hair. She has those bright twinkling, dazzling eyes which will send shivers of excitement down senior boys' spines and surges in tetestorene levels in their blood. The wil tingle with ecstasy and their hearts will pound with jubilation.

In addition, Ms D C has a mesmerising smile and white pearly teeth, with cute little dimples as a finishing touch to her wonderful facial features. This has sent quite a number of boys to have wobbling legs if the teacher smiles at them.

Please note that this phenomenon is only present in a minority of the students population, and that not all boys behave in this erratic manner in this school.

You may say that boys are charmed by the teacher, but girls alike, are enchanted by the beautiful woman. Ms D C is well received by her female students. Having a sixth sense they claimed, they used to chatter at high pitched voices about the wonderful and sweet nature of Ms D C.

To top it all off, some boys have rushed up the teacheriologist to ask him to write about her monstrous figure. Well, you can ask them to talk about it the whole afternoon, but I shall not emphasise on issues which will stimulate special desires and feelings in people to do something.....

Unfortunately, Ms D C could not stay in the school. A powerful system has hauled her away to work at desks with boring adminstrative stuff like handling letters of complaint from parents with regards to their spoilt children. What a waste of talent. Ms d C was reportedly found to have sparked a huge interest in GP in her students and some even pledged that they will strive for excellence under her guidance. Of course, they missed her sadly and the class she has taught has secretly begged me to write about her. Oh wow! "Ms D C! We miss you! & we'll hope you can visit our class page sometimes and keep in contacts with us!" they ranted, lamenting about the evil system that robs teachers, beautiful teachers away.

Anyway, I shall not allow too much details of her school life to be revealed here. Ms D C has found to have a great interest in diving and loves marine life. Some says she love sea slugs as they are beautiful colourful creatures of the brine surrounding us. One student was reported to almost having fits when he was shown the pictures of colourful sea slugs.

Ms D C seems to be like a princess in those fairy tales. Pure and demure and a bit muddle-headed [like the princess, who always get into trouble with witches], she has reportedly left a pile of assignments on the roof of her car, which flew like leaves in the wind when she drove around the island. As a result of losing the priceless homeworks of her students, she felt terribly sorry and invited them on a movie treat to watch Troy. It was regrettable that the teacheriologist failed on an assignment to tag along as he was having an important business and could not take time off his busy schedule to have dinner with Ms D C.

Hailed as one the three Divas of the GP department [like Americal Idol 3, oh yes, the other two will be revealed in other issues of the column], she is remembered for her kindness, gentleness, sweetness, beauty and most importantly, the memorable GP lessons she held in the days she taught at this prestigious school.

Ms D C, we miss you.

The poor teacheriologist attempts to cry because there's one less teacher to write on in the future and snoop around.

Oh yes. Boys who have thoughts of infatuations about Ms D C, please get rid of those thoughts. Md D C has found an excellent man to be her fiance, so get off you sex-hounds. I assure you she will be in bliss with her man, so rest assured and wish her all the best if you like her too.


screamed Anonymous @ 6/13/2004 12:18:00 AM