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Friday, January 30, 2004

Heh yes, I want to say sorry to everyone 1st for having to inconvenience everyone to come over again. :S Really paiseh lehs. :( So ma fan. And sorry to the people who can't make it also. :( sigh.
Sorry also to those who are coming, coz my house is pretty much inadequately furnished la.. kinda boring in fact. :(

Thanks muchly to Jie and Fi and Phang who did so much!! Heh. Haix. bu zhi dao la. :D

-keeps my fingers crossed-
:D see ya tmr!!!!! :D

screamed Anonymous @ 1/30/2004 11:14:00 PM

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

hey A12..

it's confirmed k?
this saturday STJ at rui's house.. start arriving between 1900 and 1930. if you come any later than i'm afraid we'll just start off without you :D oh wait a minute. all of you have gotta bring food so we can't start till everybody's here so please be punctual!! haha :P

so what's it like now.. are we all gonna fork out some money [hmm say $8 per person? $152 in all.. enough?] and then we go get the food, or do you all prefer to each bring one dish [on the assumption, no. prerequisite that EVERYBODY brings at least A dish]? think it's easier the second way if you all cooperate.. what say you all? :)

as of now we've got ade offering to bring either fried bee hoon/fried rice.. who else wants to be in charge of other stuff? i can bring fish balls if you all want haha :P oh yes.. can we also confirm who's coming and/or staying over? :) so we can get the estimates to order the food and all.. yup :) come on pple let's get this thing organised and going so we won't disappoint the juniors and have some fun yah :D

screamed -fi- @ 1/28/2004 10:08:00 PM

welcome to the blog mag..")
oh sharks hope i'm not too late with this post...

hmmz...kz so let me confirm tentatively it's 31st january to 1st feb right? hmmz...if that's the case i think we'll need to confirm within our class today and spread the news to the juniors on thurs, if not today...coz most prob they'll need at least a day to confirm with us (ask parents etc)..then with the rough number of people attending we can then ask our food I/Cs to check if there're too much or too little food....

hmmz so right now our food i/cs are siewz and yingz right? kz i think actually wat a food i/c needs to do is just to coordinate with everyone else of who's bringing wat and the amount..so perhaps my suggestion is to come up with a list of food and who's bringing wat so that the task would be alot more easier...and besides who's bringing wat and also who's going to cook wat at Pork's house (hmmz we're going over to pork's house first right?)....yar...then perhaps check for the time (in terms of the queue for the ovens, stove etc)..yar...kz basically it's just coordinating all these tasks about food larz..")....

hmmz...for entertainment wat do we have now..? kz first we have karaoke...mahjong...table tennis....hmmz....think we need something activities that can involve the most of the people....maybe...hmm...oh maybe i can bring some shows over so that people can watch...(no wait rui does that mean people can't play table tennis coz of the lights? oh or is ur projector fixed? then we can watch at the attic!) hmmz...i have turn left turn right...pirates of the caribbean(!!)..finding nemo....italian job...scooby doo...hmmz...yar...shows like that...hmmz which other shows u peeps might like? kz so poker cards (hmmz ban luck? or anyone against playing with money?) ...kz realise think only the shows is something everybody can do together....anything else? oh oh geri geri if u're reading this let's play PAYDAY again!!! hahaz...")...

hmmz...so as for meeting place and time...we leave it to the food i/cs to decide larz kz? as in...since the night is all about food then they can decide wat time who should come (to help etc.) to prevent the food they're bringing from getting cold...so dun need everybody meet at the same time larz? as in those bringing stuff like tidbits i think....oh yar about drinks since it's either at rui's or pork's house could rui and pork prepare the drinks instead? ")...hmmz..anything else that i can do?

hehz..kz kz...better stop now...take care..dun forget to smilez...")....

screamed fengz @ 1/28/2004 10:13:00 AM

Sunday, January 25, 2004

then how?haha..we discuss it with the rest of the class tmr kaes ruirui??
anw econs rep is here to kindly remind u to do ur econs hw..the essay outline and tys mcq!!!! yapppp
thats all...and eeyer, theres gp tmr!!!!!!!! chao sian! the 2 whole periods totally bore me.
seeeeeeeya guys tmr:)
buhbyes for now. -(adeline?????..yap!!!)

screamed 03a12 @ 1/25/2004 09:13:00 PM


yikes. but the plan CAN carry on 1st... :D no problemo :D

screamed Anonymous @ 1/25/2004 08:49:00 PM

Hey everyone!
u know something, i was told that the 1st is hari raya and 2nd is NO SCHOOL! :P SO THAT MEANS we should have our STJ from 31st - 1st so we have the 2nd for rest day? yes no? :D my dad's thing on the 31st ends around 5... yep? at the most, since Pork's dad's function at his house is at night, we could go his house 1st, then plonk stuff over at my side then go for 'night stroll' then come back and play cards and what not? yes no? :D teehee.

btw, if you come on the 31st, there'll be some karaoke thingie set up. so if u all dun mind having STJ on the 31st, then bring whatever karaoke cds ya? :D

this is just a suggestion anyway. i wonder how many people actually read this. :P okay la. shall ask our welfare chairman to ask tomorrow. :) and gotta ask pork if its okay with him too.


im fat already, from all the CNY goodies! how about you all? i can feel my cheeks bloat up! ahhh and we have PE next week!! NoO!!!!!!

anw i forgot, happy new year everyone!!!! :D

screamed Anonymous @ 1/25/2004 07:24:00 PM

Thursday, January 22, 2004

i volunteer to be part of the "food committee"!! (^-^)

p.s. btw i tot we decided on 7th becos pork can't make it on the 31st.

screamed -*vivZ*- @ 1/22/2004 04:48:00 PM

Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Senior Treat Junior! :P

Date:7-8 February, Sat-Sun
Venue: Pork's house / My house
Time: yet to be decided

Food and all how? Who wants to chair the 'food committee' as Phang says, to maintain standard of food? We all potluck la k? :)

Suggestions/ Attendance/ Queries, post it ALLLLL here! :)

screamed Anonymous @ 1/21/2004 10:13:00 PM

Da Jia! HAppy Lunar NEw Year! : )

screamed Quek @ 1/21/2004 05:58:00 PM

Sunday, January 18, 2004



screamed -fi- @ 1/18/2004 10:32:00 PM

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Just in case you guys didn't see the BEEEEEEEEEEEG banner and listen to our offkey singing (yes arif, im sorry, we were slightly off... i watched the recording of it) on thursday... i'd like to promote the choir concert again! :)

It's Jubilation: Voices in Flight
23rd May 2004, SUNDAY at ESPLANADE concert hall
at 7.30 pm
(or izzit 7)

Tickets are at 18, 25, 33 and 50 but with the National Arts Council subsidy, students, that means yes, the whole of 03a12 :P pays only 40% of the original price.... which means..
you'll pay 7.20, 10, and 13.20 respectively (i dun think anyone wanna pay 50 bucks right?)
BUT!!! this is without the 1 dollar sistic fee... so, with the sistic charge, its 8.20, 11 and 14.20

Order ASAP k ! Coz the earlier you all order, the faster i can hand in my form and the better your seats will be (or so Eng Siang says :P) Do tell me on Monday if you want to get tix k? :D If you do, i suggest buying the 13.20 one.... coz it's like cheaper than the original cheapest ticket! :)


screamed Anonymous @ 1/17/2004 11:55:00 PM

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

heyloz mag :)
haha yu're kinda fast huh :P 1 year into this and here you finally are! haha.. but better late than never lah :)


yup anw here's more info about the pinter play.. for a synopsis of the play pls go to this website:


luna-id present(s): The Lover & The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter


DBS Arts Centre
Home of Singapore Repertory Theatre
20 Merbau Road
Robertson Quay

Prices :

For all 3pm performances & 8 Jan, 8pm:
Standard - $22

For all other 8pm performances:
Standard - $30

Duration of Performance: Approx 1 hr 45 mins, Interval: Approx 10 mins

Date & Time Range:

From 08 Jan 2004 (Thu), 8.00 PM to 18 Jan 2004 (Sun), 3.00 PM

there's a concession of $22 per ticket for Group Purchase of 10 tickets & above and for students for the 8pm shows, but i'm not sure how you verify if you're a student cos if you book online it seems like there's only the adult pricing available. so if you pple want to go for say, saturday night's show, then let's try to get at least 10 pple so we can pay slightly less? :P

screamed -fi- @ 1/14/2004 09:23:00 PM

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Hi everyone! This is my 1st post here! * beams proudly * Haha.. actually i must apologise for reacting so slow towards this blog.. I only found out the userid and password frm Fi this morning!! But i do read it from time to time u see.. just tt i nv post la.. ;P Anyway i'm glad to see it being so active! Must keep it up k? Okie, nothing much to say for now.. Everyone Jia You!! ;)

- Mag

screamed 03a12 @ 1/13/2004 06:21:00 PM

Sunday, January 11, 2004

heyy peeps..rem to do ur econs essay ok?? wanna apologise cos i forgot to collect the essay answers from the photocopying auntie..the one which the teachers discussed w us last wk. so if u all need it to help u with the assignment..maybe ill ask for an extension of deadline for a day or two..yea? rest well today b4 the hectic week begins..::::....


screamed 03a12 @ 1/11/2004 02:25:00 PM

this might be a bit stupid la.. but last night while writing in the 'who we are' part of the new layout i was editing for our class blog, i felt slightly nostalgic, thinking back on the past year. and i realized, that we only have a mere few months left together. of these months, it'll be mainly studying (or has to be mainly studying) and studying and studying. rightfully, we only have like a few months together. to think of it, it wasn't that long ago that we just met.

time really flies.

i think im going conky, talking about stuff like this when its the BEGINNING of the year.

oh ya... even if our junior class come here, never mind wot. coz we never really talk bad about them ma. >_<
-skips ard- i just feel like typing more coz my keyboard seems rather soft today. hehehe.

screamed Anonymous @ 1/11/2004 12:55:00 PM

Saturday, January 10, 2004

hah.. feng, not that i don't want junior class to come.. but i dunno if he comes.. if he comes, at least tell me right? haha.. or else i'll be the guilty one offering the link from my blog..

screamed -*vivZ*- @ 1/10/2004 10:00:00 PM

hahaz...oops jieying...paiseh paiseh...alamakz....then u put jiez or something larz...*bish*..hahaz....anywayz jieying u look really nice in RG uniform!! (kz fi..dun start the RG uniform looks nice on anybody thing).....sighz..i couldn't breath in my sji uniform larz...felt like i'm this hitman wearing a tightfit with tightpants and commanding my lackeys like that (since i had to speak at the top of my voice for the whole night)...sighz..i've grown fat (*grinz*)...

yupz..normally second intakers will just join exisiting arts classes....but u see if a class size is too big then they'll have to split mah....but then again..all these doesn't matter anymore...hehz...

oh gosh!! s72 got 2 junior class?! wah that's like...fwoh....kz...JTS and STJ dun need to say we all understand...but then during sports day so many of them won't get a chance to participate!! hmm think if that's the case after 3 months there'll definitely be shuffle....dun think the sch will the allow the present situation to continue....fwah....let's say science classes have average 30 ppl...that's like....90 of them.....haiyoh...they have to write to...8 people?! kz...i shan't complain anymore....oh yar btw...u peeps noe that jia hui, the coucillor for our junior class, is participating in the angel/mortal game too right? as in she'll be using our letterbox kind of thing to write to our junior class...yar..hmmz i gave one of my mortals to her...then arranged with one of my juniors to be her angel....so yupz that's settled....

anywayz..hmmz...jieying arz even if our juniors visits this blog it's ok wat...as in we have been saying really nice things about them....and they noe there has been discussions among our class about their class's faculty...and they also noe that wouldn't stop us from trying to be good seniors to them mahz....hehz...")....

screamed fengz @ 1/10/2004 01:49:00 PM

ha.. our blog's alive again.. there's so much discussion about orientation.. p.s xiao feng, i'm jieying!! not siew.. the previous previous post i post one.. haha.. anyway, think campfire yesterday wasn't as good as the one you guys had tho.. =) i came last year to catch those beautiful sparkles sliding down and lighting up the campfire.. at the same time, the programmes seem to be able to catch the people's attention too.. this year so many of us were doing each and our stuff.. guess the emcees has something to do with it.. and the story is erm.. ??? how come ellery look like a ... den a beautiful elf.. haha.. and no video.. =(

as for the new arts class.. doesn't second intakers just joined the already existing class? i wouldn't think a new class will consist of totally second intakers.. but yeah, it might just have.. den i suppose we might end up having two junior class since 6B doesn't have a senior class anyway.. just like S72 who has 04S72 and S7C.. as for the cheering facs thing.. we should just cheer for arts anyohow.. afterall we belong to arts.. den er.. for s6, clap or show that we appreciate their efforts as well~ dunno.. it's a perfect chance for science classes to have some bond with arts tho.. we're still ONE hwachong.. no faculties rivalry.. =)

so meanwhile, like fi said, give each of us more time.. hope that we're able to accept the junior class just as they are =)..

p.s. i hope this blog is not frequent by 6B's WTY a.k.a my junior who happens to go to my blog..

screamed -*vivZ*- @ 1/10/2004 12:27:00 PM

haha i slept for 9.5 hours after the campfire lah.. :P was so tired from standing for the most part of the evening/night..
hafta agree with rui that i was a little bored too.. more amused by ourselves then what was going on/presented by the j1s haha.. pple watching is quite fun :P was really hyper at the start.. haha.. it was so nice to see almost all of us in our sec school uniforms again!!! :D haha i for one, miss wearing my rg uniform terribly :P and it brought back memories of our own first 3 months.. orientation and all.. but i can't say i miss that very badly cos i didn't enjoy myself very much during our orientation.. so.. haha. what a bundle of contradictions i am.

shan't comment too much on the dance other than i had trouble following the steps haha.. ended up half-dizzy from all that random turning and goodness knows what.. haha... and it didn't help that the dance i/cs' steps were hardly visible.. but aiyahs. i can't blame them if i look like an uncoordinated chicken flaping my wings when i -attempt- to dance. hahaha.. the singing session was nice.. i like our colllege songs! :) haha dun worry xiao feng you weren't the only one going out of tune [if you even did that is. i was too busy shouting myself that i barely took notice :P] aiyahs it's all for the fun of it lah.. who cares if i couldn't reach the notes and sing on pitch :) but we were wobbling quite precariously on the bench :P

know what? actually the juniors dun really bother me. i mean, i guess i never harboured thoughts of being very close to them and all.. of cos it'ld be nice if were that way and quite sad if it wasn't, but i dunno.. doesn't really bother me. hah yes the anti-social me strikes again. as long as they're nice people [which as of now they seem to be :)] i dun quite mind if we dun get a new arts junior class. as xiao feng said, there'll be other problems then. our junior class seems nice what! nobody with a major attitude problem or smthg.. yup :) the only thing that i'm not so comfortable with is that yeah.. we're in different faculties lah. quite torn last night between cheering for arts and for s6. think you all can understand what i mean yah. and maybe our conversation topics will be limited by our different experiences in the different streams.. but let's just give each other more time lah..

oh yes, post-campfire.. didn't have the energy or burning desire to get to know the juniors better or initiate conversation with them.. i'm not a very people-person lah. can't strike up conversation with pple i barely know and neither did i have any motivation to. quite bad and irresponsible of me but yah.. sorry pple. thanks to jie siew rui and xiaofeng who helped in that area instead.. appreciate it lots.

screamed -fi- @ 1/10/2004 12:01:00 PM


yupz i'm dead beat too....but anywayz i was reading through the blogs posted by siew and rui larz...then suddenly something daunted on me....kz as in originally i was too, ,like rui, clinging on the hope that another arts class, named 04a12 and tts a history class, will be form..but then actually all along i been thinking hope is really frail...coz it's like firstly there's already one 04a12...just that it's a LEP class and it's highly unlikely that the class names will be changed...but there's still hope of us getting a 04a13 though....but then actually again...just now it daunted on me that...actually things might not turn out better even if we have a 04a12 that's a history class..simply coz we're going to miss the 1st 3 months..and if a new class is form...they will be a total stranger to us just like we are to them (coz they will either be from other arts classes or the new in-takers, none from 04s6b))....and the angel/mortal game will be restarted? STJ and JTS again? yar..so actually wat i'm trying to say now is that...even if some of us do get the wish of having an arts junior class once again...it might not turn out as good as now....")....notice i used the term "as good as now"...coz i really think we do have a good class of juniors now...good in terms of their attitude towards things and us, funkiness, diversity and etc etc, so many good points about them....yar...kz i'm not sure if anyone of u peeps disagree or something..but i guess afterall i wouldn't be hoping for an arts junior after the 1st 3 months afterall....").....

kz kz..enough of the juniors...heyz rui, fi, jingfeng, mag, ade, siew, jieying, jeanie, and all those who were there yesterday at the singing...thank you so much...")....u noe it's been so long since i enjoyed singing songs together with my peers so much as the night yesterday..ever since my days in sji i think...peers as in a bunch of people that i am always spending time with and those that i know wouldn't mind spending time with me...thank you so much for enabling me to relive those wonderful moments i had before while singing songs...hehz...i know i was always going out of tune and my voice sounds terrible..but one thing for sure was that i was singing my guts out...")...hehz...u noe wat...i'm listening to "dang ni gu dan ni hui xiang qi sui" while i'm typing these blog...still enjoying wat i felt last nite...and all of it wouldn't be possible without you peeps....")

kz....take care..dun forget to smilez..")..

screamed fengz @ 1/10/2004 10:55:00 AM

im dead beat.
o1 din seem as fun as our o1, sadly. I was bored stiff half the time, looking ard and all. the songs and dance part was okay.... was pretty sad that there were so few ppl from our class... while other classes were like FWAH. but our base number is already quite small la... -sniff- and now we don't even have a 04a12 to like cheer for.

sigh. so many things i wanna say but too tired la. all i want to do now is SLEEP!!!!!

anyway, jus hope that we'll be close to our junior class, since we weren't close to our seniors. :(

and yes, im still clinging on to that thin shred of hope that there would be an influx of arts students after 1st 3months, enough to give us a junior class with the same class name as us. :P

screamed Anonymous @ 1/10/2004 12:49:00 AM

Thursday, January 08, 2004

honestly, i like the junior class..

i don't mind a science class, as long as they appreciate us as their seniors as much as we do.. if they doesn't mind us why should we tho.. fate brought us together and i'm looking forward to knowing them better.. no matter whether they're science or arts.. they're my juniors! =)

While looking at the wargames for the long one hour today.. i was actually not feeling happy that arts won( as much as i wan them to), maybe becos i was feeling sympathy for the junior class and er disgust for that pair of s3 rgs twins.. they were really rough.. yeah, i'm looking forward to tml!! do you guys mean wearing sec school uni for the whole day? me and siew might be wearing rgs uni.. so sorry.. our see thru hong zhi got thrown away by my mum.. apologies fi.. we will try our very best to keep to RGS image..

i'm on for the supper thing~! count me in.. haha.. i wan to see how my mortels are like.. (^-^)

screamed -*vivZ*- @ 1/08/2004 09:46:00 PM

i 2nd phang's views. it's really quite sad tt they're a science class. like just now dunno who to cheer for when the war games were going on (Trident/Vident won, surprisingly) and when the s6 j1s were doing their dances, i felt weird screaming for them too (in the evening)

nevertheless, they're still our juniors. so we shd jus continue playing with them lor. -grins- anyway, things seem to be going okay now so wheeeee~ :)

since tmr we're probably going home before going for campfire, we meet at class bench at say like 6pm or something? :) but who we sit with? ARTS? ermmmmmm -scratch head- haha we see la hor, tmr. REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR SEC SCH UNIFORM!!!!! NO ONE IS TO COME IN HC UNIFORM!!!!!!! haha i dont even know if anyone is gonna read this la. :P okay la, NY girls, u all dun like ur uniform can borrow from ppl or wear ur PE attire one la. :) keke. and kahyee, (i dun even think u'll read this) wear ur anglican uniform! ahahahahahaha

oh fi suggested to have supper with them after that? :) -beams-

(psst. we better play while we still can ;))

btw, phang, i think it's more of their not being used to u (being so intimidating [think: we must have a THEME!!! :P ] ) rather than the 'segregation between people of a higher respect' haha :P

screamed Anonymous @ 1/08/2004 09:22:00 PM

At the Beginning

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Never dreaming, what we’d have to go through
Now here we are, I’m suddenly standing
At the beginning with you

No one told me I was going to find you
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Starting out on a journey

Life is a road that I wanna keep going
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screamed fengz @ 1/08/2004 10:02:00 AM

heyz peeps...")..

wow it's been so long since i last blogged..last time i tried doing so but i cldn't..think it's coz i typed in www.blogspot.com instead of blogger.com....and by a stroke of luck i did it correctly today! hmmz...last night i stayed on with the juniors till 9+ before we got chased out (the guard shut off the electricity supply and the whole place got pitch dark!, then think a few girls were in the toilet or something then someone had to go in with a handphone(the light) to get them out...sheesh...)yar anywayz the juniors split into 2 groups yesterday larz...one group did the cheer and item and the other did the flag...

yarz...i get what you mean fi and rui...as in...the feeling of having a science junior class when we're an arts class...well i mean yesterday i was helping them to come out with a slogan, facilitate their cheers forming and things like that...then it's like i dun feel as if i'm helping a part of us kind of thing...as in...i dunnoe...it just feel funny larz...hmmz..maybe it's becoz i'm in the fac com that's why i'm feeling like that...as in..it feels as if i'm helping the S6 fac rather than arts fac...it's just not a part of us kind of thing....sigh...sadly....hmmz...actually the feeling was further compounded during the meet the fac session larz...as in..seeing the other arts classes being so lively, enthu and ON about things...kz i'm not trying to say arts classes are better than science classes, just that the dynamics of both stream's classes are just different larz....yarz then as a fac com member i know how the arts fac dance and cheers are like...but everytime when i got reminded that my junior class has a different set of dance and cheers...it just feels sad larz...yarz..sighz...

hmmz..but then again...kz wat happened yesterday night was that i was helping one of the juniors to open the paint tin cover (dunnoe why stupid nippon seals it so tightly), yar then it spilled onto my legs and arms larz ( so pls dun be surprised if you see me wearing red shoes later today...*gulp*..) yar..then he kept apologising and apologising and kept offering to help and things like that larz...hahaz...all i could do was to like calm him down and say it's really ok that kind of thing....hmm then i was tokking to a bunch of the chinese high boys in our junior class..hahaz...coz they seem rather reserved in their words or something...so i told them the senior junior thing here in hc is different as that in chs as in we're more of a friendly amiable basis rather than a segregation between people of a higher respect...then they seem to open up a little more and invited me out for a drink and kept thanking me for staying to help, charlene ruishan and me for buying their dinner/ saying sorry for my shoes that kind of thing...yar...as in they're really nice people too larz....as in kz my point is that although the dynamics of both their class and our's might be different...i guess perhaps that could only mean we wouldn't be able to establish the kind of camaraderie other 03 arts classes will share with their junior classes..but that doesn't cut us off completely and deny us of everything that a junior and senior class in HC can share larz...

yarz...kz..actually i did one thing last night that i din ask you peeps first..yar...sorry kz...as in...i told some of the juniors to not feel offended or diminished whenever u hear any one of the senior class member saying things like "how i wish it's an arts junior class" kind of thing...as in...i explained to them it's not that we dun like them or have anything against them..i explained to them it's just that the common topics between the two classes have just shifted so much such that things feels weird kind of thing...yar then they told me it's ok larz they understand...but nonetheless i still apologised on our class's behalf larz...as in...i've been feeling quite bad larz...maybe it's just me...but i was like thinking imagine i'm a new J1 venturing into a new sch's life, filled with hopes and aspirations, then only to be greeted by a senior class who wishes i'm someone else instead that kind of thing.....kz i'm exaggerating larz but i guess u'll get wat i mean....")....

yupz..i shall get on with doing the angel and mortal letterbox now...see you peeps in school later..")...enjoy ur LIT day!!!! fwahahahaha.....


screamed fengz @ 1/08/2004 10:01:00 AM

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Yay. There's hope for our junior class... saw them preparing for their item and banner and cheers today.. they seem MUCH better than yesterday... so much so that Char, Xf and I actually went to da bao dinner for them! :)

So ya la... we shdn't give up hope on them. not just yet ya?

screamed Anonymous @ 1/07/2004 07:51:00 PM

haiz. agreed rui. our two classes so different lah.. :(

i guess we all need time to adjust lah. including our juniors. so.. yah. hope for the best :)

screamed -fi- @ 1/07/2004 12:03:00 AM

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Happy birthday Jie jie :)

We finally met our 'junior' class today. 04s6b. It just feels so weird if you get what I mean. And to think that I was so excited about meeting our juniors and having fun with them. I remember last year, I used to think how sad it was that we weren't close to our seniors and vowed to be close to OUR juniors. Now as seniors, I think I understand why our seniors felt that way. Maybe it's coz we were so contented with the status quo... so comfortable with having the entire class bench all for ourselves (when the seniors went off for their studying break and As) and simply so comfortable with being ALONE that we don't want things to be changed in anyway.

I'm feeling bad for being so terrible to our 'junior class' today... it's their 1st time meeting each other and they're not at ease with each other yet, so it isn't fair to say that they're not enthu. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. But from the looks of it, it doesn't seem that they're gonna be very enthu.

Whatever it is, I'm gonna give them and chance and hope that things will turn out okay.....

I'm just sore that they're not A12... that's all. :( It feel as if we've lost an identity. Today, I thought of the years FOS, CNY, sports day and the closest event... campfire night. It'll be so weird! Everyone would be with the junior classes while us.... weird. We're not alone I know but it just doesn't feel right.

I guess I need time to adjust la, huh?

screamed Anonymous @ 1/06/2004 09:48:00 PM

haha i tired doing leh jie.. but left quite alot of blanks :P
i think we still have to.. cos it's a level-wide thing, not just for mrs ong's classes.


screamed -fi- @ 1/06/2004 04:08:00 PM

Monday, January 05, 2004

hey peeps, anyone did the econs case study?? Do we still need to do it now that we've got Mr Koh?

screamed -*vivZ*- @ 1/05/2004 10:30:00 PM

Friday, January 02, 2004

first day as j2s.. feels kinda weird.. but it was 'lovely' [as our gp tutor would say :P] to see all of you again!!! :) haha.. first day of school and i had so much to laugh about already :D haha i was really amused at discovering the photo ;) the funniest thing was that ade was in it too!!! -grinz-

oh and yay i'm so glad we have a change in teachers :) but it's kinda weird not joining you all for maths... quite sad that the class is so split up now with so many of us not taking one subject or another.

oh well.. it's great to be back in class with all of you again :) jia you with the outstanding hmwk [heh] over the weekend and i'll see you all on monday again! :)

screamed -fi- @ 1/02/2004 07:09:00 PM

Im so screwed.

It's 12:43 and I can't get to sleep... after like what 2 hours?
Jiu ming ah.

tmr u'll see the same sleepy me that u've been see9 for the past year. hahaha



screamed Anonymous @ 1/02/2004 12:45:00 AM

Thursday, January 01, 2004

A happy year with a great start.. mrs ong emailed us saying that Mr Issac Koh will be taking over our class teaching econs.. gReat nEws peoPLe?? ahhaa.. haPpy new YEAR!!

screamed -*vivZ*- @ 1/01/2004 11:57:00 AM

happy happy new year...!! We're official J2s already!~ haha! cheERS

screamed -*vivZ*- @ 1/01/2004 01:27:00 AM

haha yeah Happy New Year everybody! :)
here's to many many memorable times and happy days with all of you! :)

screamed -fi- @ 1/01/2004 01:03:00 AM

HELLO 03A122!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes!!!!!! We're STILL 03a12 :)

The year ahead is gonna be a tough and rough one for us, so we must all JIA YOU k! :) show all those moo moo teachers that we're not as lousy as they think we are... :D yep yep :) i'm looking forward to another year of fun and laughter with you guys... and not forgetting the stress too >_<

-big fat hugglepoo to everyone- :)

love you guys :D

screamed Anonymous @ 1/01/2004 12:04:00 AM