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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Yay. :) so happy. that someone other than me is checking out our blog. ^_ ^ yeah. ade's right. time's certainly been passing very fast- too fast in fact. it seems like j2 life only started a week ago.. and guess what friends? may's approaching. which explains why the teachers have been increasingly fed up with our class, imposing stricter measures etc. (p.s. i mcgregor sucks). ade also reminded me that we haven't had class outings in a long time. :P but since when did our entire class go for class outings? it sucks that our schedules clash like mad. :/ do u guys wanna have a ONE-DAY outing or something on the 1st day of the june hols? I think we need some of it to give us the energy to pia our hearts out for july's block test. we Have to do well.

sports day's coming up. :) and yes! all the best to everyone who is taking part! :) i'll be screaming my heart out for you and jumping as high as i can!!! ^_^ and if im lucky enough to be in charge of the milo truck, we'll DEFINITELY have loads of milo to drink. and even if im not, heh... well.. you can always count on me to get some for u. hehe.

yep yep. :) school starts again tmr and no work done again. someone shoot me now now now!!!

screamed Anonymous @ 4/25/2004 08:17:00 PM

Saturday, April 24, 2004

hey ppl..my dear classmates:)
realised i havent leave an entry here for ages..
jus wonder how u guys are?
our once active blog has became stagnant!!!!!
and what happened to our class diary?
anyway jus realised time passes super fast this yr
gonna be our
last yr as a jc student
last yr in sch uni
last yr enjoying the rights of a spore student
last yr having major national exam
last yr in hc
last but not least..
last yr together as a class.
before nov comes when we will blossom(haha)into big muggertoads(as how rui puts it)..lets spend more time as a class!!
that means more class outings!(i hope theres even time for that!) and better attendance in school so we get to see everyone more!
hope that we relle go on a cruise together at the end of the yr as planned!!
yuppss..anyway i also like to take this opportunity to apologise if i have ever offended anyone of u. anyone.
i mean sometimes one tend to offend ppl w/o realising it..
and it may be hurting to the other party..
or it may be misunderstandings at times..
and if there are such incidents, do let me know ok?
ahh well anyways, the workload is relle getting heavier by the day
hope u guys are coping well..and rem we are in this together
so fret not!:)
and oh ya..those taking part in sports day..all the best!!!! haha
kahyee qingyao arif xiaofeng jingfeng jiehan(oops in fact all our class guys ) den for the girls, zes yuka geri char jie(oops did i leave anyone out??sorry i have mental block now)mmmm..ya and as for the rest..we need ur invaluable support!!! screams cheers and whatnot:) be there to support us! keke
and oh yesss
i wanna publicise this hahaha hope brother wannabe dun kill me for it
interesting fact of the day:
do u know jiehan grandmother is sally's mahjong khaki????
how cooLL
so wells...thats all ive for u now.
and guess what
03a12 rockkks(:
hang in there everybody!

oh btw im adeline here

screamed 03a12 @ 4/24/2004 10:15:00 PM

Friday, April 09, 2004

Hi friends! :)

Bleh. we haven't posted here for almost a month! Where has everyone gone to? :P POOOOOO

Wells, we've got a 3 day break (sorta) this week, so YIPPEE!!! The 1st day is almost over and I haven't done shit. wheee who cares! It's a semi holiday of sorts. yay!

Anyway, do try to get good rest this 3 days k? i think all of us need it quite badly, looking at the number of OCPs and absentees. Competitions coming up for everyone so must all jia you k ? :D
wo men yong yuan zhi chi ni!

oh yeah.. in case you all are really bored, smack the penguin! quite silly but fun la :) go and try! hehehe

-bounce- -waves- take care!! :D

screamed Anonymous @ 4/09/2004 05:36:00 PM