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19 kids semi adults (but kids at heart) breaking the stereotype of ex-hcjc students.

Ade(line)/ Arif/ Charchar (charlene)/ Fifi (fidelia)/ Geri(geraldine)/ Jeanie/ Pork G (jiehan)/ Jiejie (ying)/ Quek (jingfeng)/ Jonjon (jonlin)/ Kylie (kah yee)/ Mag(dalene)/ Siew(ying)/ Rui(shan)/ Bryant(qingyao) / (wei)Yanz/ Phang (xiaofeng)/ Yukayu/ Zes(amine)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

hey....wadz River Valley High doing in our obsessions list........???
someone pls explain before i TAKE IT OUT

screamed arif @ 8/26/2003 12:30:00 AM

Saturday, August 23, 2003

hiz all.. remembered to post something here.. how's all of you? take care ya..?

screamed siewx @ 8/23/2003 12:36:00 AM

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Lala I realized it's been a looonnngggg time since I blogged here. So HELLO! :) Life sucks now. and I think it's hightime I renamed myself to "sleepypoo"
*skips ard my room* I'm qt happy tt the tests for this week are over.

I don't want next week to comeeeee

screamed Anonymous @ 8/21/2003 09:10:00 PM

Monday, August 18, 2003

yay i just finished plath
look at the time......look at the time!!!!!

screamed arif @ 8/18/2003 01:48:00 AM

Sunday, August 17, 2003

... wow... good one shuying...

screamed Quek @ 8/17/2003 08:49:00 PM

haha.. i just realised that 'waddled quek' sounds very apt. -grinz- heh.
jia you everybody.. this week will be totally sucky. 3 tests and first written draft of pw due. yay.

screamed -fi- @ 8/17/2003 07:49:00 PM

Friday, August 15, 2003

Helloz... *Yawnz*
Tiring week. Enervated liao... How to take promos?
Haha. Take care.

screamed Quek @ 8/15/2003 09:29:00 PM

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

hey pple
anybody interested in doing flag day this saturday? yes i know its national day and all but if any of you are in desperate need for com service hours or are actually genuinely interested in it, pls contact me by thurs yah?
Shifts from 1) 1000 to 1400
2) 1300 to 1700

Mrt Venues at -Somerset
-Boon Lay

yup thats about all.. thanks.

screamed -fi- @ 8/06/2003 12:00:00 AM

Friday, August 01, 2003

hello peeps!!;)
yuppz. thumbs up for the class outing~ enjoyed my time w u guys..didnt go to sch today cos i was really tired from the wake thingy. needed some time at home to rest..today's the last day of the wake..hmmm.anyway..tsk.arif is online too..apparently hes not in sch! but hes doing his globalisation essay now..i thinK. according to him..:p omg. i havent touch on tt either...and the nuclear weapons one..like pow wow wow???.....ooh laalaa...ok..friday is here again..welcoming weekends! think time flies..like Mrs Boo reminded us yest theres barely 2 mths + left to promos? jiayou everybody k? let's promote together! i wanna be classmates w u guys for another yr..im sure the feeling is mutual! *grinz :p anyway dun be too disheartened by the blocktests ya? look ahead of u and aim for tt goal of urs! guess all of us have diff goals..but im sure they are all postive ones and acheivable by us! hmmm.. lets see what the possible grades we can get...BOOB?DEAD?ABBA?FOFF?(*touch wood)FADE?BABE?FOOD?(*winks at rui)okae..think i could go on forever...haa..erm and as for the "iliterates" BOO?FOE?COE?CEO?XXX?(choy man).....okkkk..whatever~ i think ill just aim for ADE? my name if u haven realised! but i think tts like quite ambitious..ill be contented if i pass all with Es...but ill be beaming with joy if i get ADE? ill jump up the ceiling..ill bang myself against the wall..//ecstasy// ADE*dreams. ADE is still dreaming.. oh wells...lalala ADEADEADEADE..haahz. alright k peeps think ill end here..see u guys on monday...ADE.ADE.ADE.ADE.ADE.ADE.ADE.ADE.ADE.ADE.ADE.ADE.ADE.ADE.ADEloves03a12!

screamed 03a12 @ 8/01/2003 12:17:00 PM