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Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy New Year friends!

i went back on wednesday and thought i'd just post some updates about those of you who havent been visiting:

- Sally has indeed retired! (-gasp-) but according to Mr Koh, she's probably gonna relief teach for... GP! remember how she used to tell us stories from her GP-teaching days? :P

- Arif is thinking of teaching GP in HC. hahaha totally irrelevant to the school but relevant to us la huh

- the canteen stalls have all changeeeedd! but the chicken rice stall uncle is quite nice and charged me $2 for chicken rice + egg

- they have an 07a10 now (i know coz my brother is in that class) - i think this is like one of our junior class descendants. our class was the last rightful a12 descendant! HAHA 03a12 > 04s6b > 05s13 > 06s13 > 07a10 or something along that lines.

- most of our teachers are still there

- i did a random blog search and found out that students still think Mr Teh is funny. can someone go crash his lecture with me i miss having a lecturer who makes work-related jokes that are actually funny. Any takers?

We could have a class gathering or something there! HAHAHA

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