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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hello friends! Here's a couple of photos from the surprise birthday party that Fifi planned for Quek! All the way from the UK! How sweet right!!! :)

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Woah so many changes! Roar.

Ah pui I want to go back with you!! But wait till July please :P


Guess where I was over Christmas!

This should make it clear :)

You really should know where by now :P

Geri and Ahmajia!! I attended Christmas Day mass in the Notre Dame!!!! :D :D :D

haha ok I don't want to flood this blog with my photos, show them to you all when I get back! :) Enjoying myself tremendously here, hope you're all doing well! :) Ade and Zes, I wish you all were coming THIS sem instead of next!

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy New Year friends!

i went back on wednesday and thought i'd just post some updates about those of you who havent been visiting:

- Sally has indeed retired! (-gasp-) but according to Mr Koh, she's probably gonna relief teach for... GP! remember how she used to tell us stories from her GP-teaching days? :P

- Arif is thinking of teaching GP in HC. hahaha totally irrelevant to the school but relevant to us la huh

- the canteen stalls have all changeeeedd! but the chicken rice stall uncle is quite nice and charged me $2 for chicken rice + egg

- they have an 07a10 now (i know coz my brother is in that class) - i think this is like one of our junior class descendants. our class was the last rightful a12 descendant! HAHA 03a12 > 04s6b > 05s13 > 06s13 > 07a10 or something along that lines.

- most of our teachers are still there

- i did a random blog search and found out that students still think Mr Teh is funny. can someone go crash his lecture with me i miss having a lecturer who makes work-related jokes that are actually funny. Any takers?

We could have a class gathering or something there! HAHAHA

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Big News Guys:

Sally has Retired!!

merry christmas..ya a junior of mine told me she's not teaching next year anymore..

So Long Sally!!!

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

hello my fellow LITerate friends!
you won't believe who mag and i saw today in the law fac canteen?

its none other than our most beloved heng heng :P Haha!

So surprising. She said she liks the beef noodle soup in our canteen thats why she came over. It's quite weird that she came here though, coz law fac food sucks! I'd rather walk back to HC to eat anytime but of course I'm too lazy la. :p

Anw, the exam season is here again and i guess everyone should be mugging hard. Jia you and remember to drink more water and get enuff rest, bladeeda. :D

And to our guys who have ORD-ed, ehhhh lemme think. oh, "ORD LohH~~~~"


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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hello everyone! :)

How are all of you and things back in Singapore? :) At Ade's request - some photos of the last one month in Nottingham :) Wollaton Park, situated just behind my hall :) A really serene and lovely park :) Posted by Picasa

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With some of the other international students who stay in my hall :D

From left:

Sara [Spain], Carolyn [Singapore], Daniel [Mexico - pronounced dah-nielle], Doreen [Germany - pronounced Doe-rain], Lars [Germany], Diego [Mexico], Samara [Canada] and Karolina [Switzerland]. Way cool! :D Posted by Picasa

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The amount of stained glass windows here are just incredible :) Each frame tells a biblical story, imagine that!!! Posted by Picasa

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I loooooooove the Gothic architecture. Beautiful :) Posted by Picasa

screamed -fi- @ 10/18/2006 06:08:00 PM

My first trip out of Nottts - Thegorgeous York Minster! [which is an inbetween of a cathedral and church] Posted by Picasa

screamed -fi- @ 10/18/2006 06:06:00 PM

The brilliant sun :) Good weather isn't going to last long - it's getting chillier and I'm not looking forward to winter :S Posted by Picasa

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With a fellow Singaporean at the Goose Fair, which traditionally was for farmers to come to the city to sell their [what else but] geese, but has since evolved into a mega fun fair. Think of those we get in Singapore times 5. heh :) Posted by Picasa

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That's the Trent Building behind the lake, which houses the schools of humanities and languages :) One of the prettiest buildings here! Posted by Picasa

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The lake in my campus :) Posted by Picasa

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

the few of us who MAFed @hc last sat! we miss the company of the rest of ya!!
anyway, we saw Mr Teh who chatted with us and we took a pic with him after that..
oh yes.. fifi! send us some photos of u on the other side of the world!
lets have a class gathering soon!!

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Monday, October 02, 2006

A bit of Mdm Tay nostalgia here:

us: who started the cold war?
mdm tay: somebody

us: mdm tay, can we go to ur house?
mt: no! i'll set the dogs on u!

mt: desmong, why do you go to the toilet so often? is there something wrong with your bladder?

mt: where are the part time students today?

mt: where is chi xiong today?? hahahah.. only hwachong arts students would understand!!!

joel: mdm tay i have a question
mt: what questions! i gave a thorough lecture! questions! i'll stuff them down your throat!!

mdm tay: missles were falling like sausages from the sky!

mt: bring home our boys!!

mt: i gave you a long piece of rope, but it doesnt mean that you should shorten it and hang yourself!

mt: cuba was like durian under the tree waiting for kurshvchev to pick up

mt: eat eat eat! you eat summore and u will get blood clots and you will die!!

mt: have you lost your marbles??

mt: why do you keep on yawning? its so early in the morning!!

mt: why arent u doin your source based question???
me: but mdm tay, we dont have time to sing together already! we're graduating soon!
mt: ok i'll give u time during tml's lecture!!
(and she really did!)


That list of quotes from Sally was compiled by the 2002-2003 batch of history students :P I used to have a little list also, but I can't find it anymore, most unfortch. If you can remember anything, add it on to this! :P

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Friday, September 22, 2006

hello everybody!

just letting yu all know that i'm already in Nottingham! heh :) pretty campus and lovely weather now, but it gets chilly in the nights and when the wind blows. By October it'll start getting cold :S

Go back for MAF! haha i wish i could :) all of you have fun and take care k!! see you all some nine months later! :) love!

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Anyone knows for sure whether MAF's on 6th Oct?

Who's going? Please raise your hands!

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